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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 21, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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p.m. eastern time for "the five" on the next" red eye" we have jedediah bila and anthony kumia.
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andy, wrap up, tv. you. >> all right. what did you give up for lent? >> alcohol. >> really? >> all of it. >> any upside? >> i have 11 days left. >> i have lost eight pound. >> wow. >> your productivity shoots through the roof. i have one more. everything in new york is suddenly and instabtly 50% off. >> you mean mentally? >> when you get your bill everything is half off. >> i thought you meant the whole city felt off. >> a little of that too. >> at back deer, who is -- ambassador, who is the vice president of "red eye"? he or she is in a sighly disclosed. >> when will you back? >> i will be on your world with neil.
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>> sounds good. >> delightful, thank you, andy. >> a special thanks to remi spencer and bill shoals and john bolton and bill hemmer. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld and i will see you next time. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> a new book is out talking about the perks and the excess of the $1.4 billion a year presidency that we're paying for. this is a lifestyle that is one of excess. >> bill: is that true? is mr. obama living like a sultan in the white house? we'll hear what michele bachmann has to say. >> we are also the ones who are paying for someone to walk the president's dog. >> bill: and give you the facts. >> our marines were trained there in hawthorne and with the sequester it's going to cut this stuff back. >> bill: senator harry reid blaming budget cuts for the death of seven marines in
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nevada. but the marine corps is furious about that. >> marine corps officials this afternoon are taking a strong exception to what harry reid implied. >> bill: we'll have the inside story. >> you have got to ease up. take it easy. >> bill: dennis miller takes a look at the barack obama satan controversy as stephan seagull meeting putin in moscow. >> i want to take you to the bank, to the blood bank. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. america today and the iraq war. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it was 10 years ago that president bush launched an attack on iraq. >> operation iraqi freedom has begun and the pentagon
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says saddam hussein's days are numbered. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report on fox news channel and tonight on fox stations from coast to coast. bombs and crews mistles rained down on baghdad for a second night in a row. and saddam's main presidential palace taking a direct hit. saddamecess saddam hussein's family home got hit as well. >> bill: that marked eight long years of conflict in iraq. almost 4500 americans dead. more than 32,000 wounded. almost a trillion dollars spent. was it worth it? many liberals say no. some conservatives say yes. the "wall street journal" today supporting the war in iraq on its editorial page. of course, the "new york times" thinks it was foolish. no matter what you think. the iraq war has changed america. we now have a 17 trillion-dollar debt. and obviously iraq contributed to that we also have thousands of wounded warriors. the country must take care of. and we have an ideological battle over how to deal with villains like iran. as you may know, i
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supported the iraq war based upon weapons of mass destruction's intel. subsequently, i believe we could have removed saddam hussein in another way. that would not have been so damaging to america. i mean, the man had to go. he was a terrorist and an international outlaw. but in hindsight, we should have strangled him with a blockade and used our air power to destroy his infrastructure. talking points is not a second guesser. my opinion about the iraq war 10 years ago was based on reality. not ideology or party politics. but the reality for america has now changed. as we are seeing in afghanistan, we simply cannot impose democracy in human rights on nations that have no real desire for those things. as we'll show you later in the broadcast, most people in iraq today despise the u.s.a. and i think the same can be said for the afghans. no matter how much good we do for these people, they don't like us. because we are infidels. so we cannot, cannot wage war for any other reason
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than to protect the homeland. america and the coalition won the iraq war because of our brave military and because president bush finally wised up and used both brains and brawn. we were lucky. most democrats wanted to surrender. give bush credit for toughing it out. you can also criticize him for not anticipating the difficulties of that campaign. bottom line, bottom line, let's not do that kind of thing again. and that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction. joining us from washington indicate observe enter shane a republican and kirsten powers. do you have a power with the memo this evening? >> i agree with let's not do it again for sure. i think a lot of what you said is right. i mean, i opposed the war at the time. and i didn't oppose it for partisan reasons. i opposed it because i didn't think that we faced any serious threat from saddam hussein. >> bill: okay. let me stop you there. >> okay. >> bill: your analysis back
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then 10 years ago was that you, kirsten powers, came to the independent conclusion, devoid of your liberal beliefs or democratic party politics, that this simply wasn't a campaign worth waging. but, let me play you a sound bite from hillary clinton and get your reaction to that go. >> in the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that saddam hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons' stock, his missile delivery capability and his nuclear program. he has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al qaeda members. it is clear, however, that if left unchecked, saddam hussein will continue to increase his capacity to it wage biological and chemical warfare and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. >> bill: all right. so hillary clinton says. this and that was before
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the war began. but you didn't buy into that powers. i'm very curious to know why you didn't buy hillary clinton's line. >> i just don't think there was a lot of evidence to support what she was saying. it's very painful even to listen to it now honestly that speech she just gave there is why i didn't vote for her in the primary because she doesn't -- >> bill: wait, kate. >> even claiming that he had this relationship with al qaeda. it's just absurd. >> bill: no. ansar al islam was in the northern part of iraq. >> saddam was not a supporter of al qaeda. that's absurd. we had been attacked by al qaeda and we went into iraq. did not at the time make any sense to me. i did support going into afghanistan. but it did not make any sense at the time to me to go in there. >> bill: you were smarter than me and smarter than hillary clinton. goall right. kate. go ahead. >> smarter than 40 nations around the world in the collective intelligence that was available at the
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time. it was known that saddam was a supporter of terrorists organizations. left of center that he was a genocidal maniac. the goal was to rid the world of saddam hussein. that was a good thing. that was a short-term objective that was accomplished. the long-term objective that we're looking at now is that we wanted a reliable ally in the region. but, because obama couldn't stick it out as bush could stick it out, we left arguably. i'm not talking about nation building, bill, but we left before the reforms that we had made had a chance to solidify and now. >> 10 years isn't enough time, kate? hang on. >> hang on one second, kirsten, because now we face the prospect that iraq is allies with iran. yes, it is a long, painful process. but when iraq is now. >> bill: kate,. >> iranians wanted in is now offering support to assad? >> bill: what you are talking about is theoretical but go back to my talking points. >> no it's not theoretical it's reality right now. >> bill: we don't know how
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iraq is going to deal with iran. iran is more powerful than iraq. you can't trust iraq and you can't trust afghanistan. you can't trust any of these people. they are not looking out for us. >> that's right. >> we have to further our own interest. >> bill: blood and treasure and to hope that the outcome is going to be favorable to the u.s.a. is just that, a hope. we can't be risking this kind of treasure and blood on a hope. you go in, you smack saddam hussein, you get the hell out. all right. now, i'm going to give each of you about 45 seconds to sum it it up. all right. kirsten, you go first. >> i disagree with you, bill, i don't even know what to do with that you are absolutely right it is too many people died. we spent too much money. there is too many people who are suffering now because of this at home, people with -- whether it's mental illness or physical illness or missing limbs there were god knows how many iraqis were killed. estimates up to 100,000 people. you know, i don't think this was worth it. i think it was a mistake and i think we should have
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never done it. >> of course, the sacrifice of that treasure we need to honor at this point and when the peace, bill, that is the most important part, yeah. we won, we got rid of saddam now we have got to win the peace and have some solid influence. bill, it is always -- what happened was obama was fulfilling a campaign promise to get out as fast as he could. >> bill: i know what obama did and i would have tried to have kept more people there. but, look. situation kate you need to open your eyes and see it? >> i see it. >> he wasn't cooperating with the united states. he made almost impossible. >> he was iran's pick for prime minister, bill. we let iran's pick become prime minister. >> bill: we can't impose it. >> we can have influence, bill. that's the thing. influence. not control it. >> bill: you can't control people who hate you. >> not oppress sores. >> bill: i want to say two things. this doesn't have to do with you two. you don't have to rely ply. at the end of this broad are cast we will show you how much iraqis like the
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u.s.a. we will show you. number two, we are going to now embark on a fundraising campaign for both the wounded warriors and fisher house. that will begin shortly because we are going to not abandon our military people who did the best they could. ladies, thanks very much. next on the run down, the marine corps furious with senator harry reid. we will tell you why. see what bob beckel thinks about it then michele bachmann says that barack obama is running a lavish white house. spending an incredible amount of tax money on himself. is that true? factor is coming right back.
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>> bill: earlier this week 8 marines were killed. seven others injured. senator reid from that state quickly exploited the issue angering the marine corps. >> this sequester should go away. we have cut already huge amounts of money and
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deficit reduction. it's just not appropriate, mr. president. that our military can't train and do the maintenance necessary. these men and women our marines were training there in hawthorne and with the sequester it's going to cut the stuff back. >> can i tell you marine corps officials this afternoon are taking a strong exception to what harry reid implied, saying that this exercise, for example, was planned well in advance had nothing to do with the bucket -- budget cuts, there were no corners cut. >> bill: this is what i object to. reid is exploiting the death of these marines who were just out in nevada because that terrain is similar to afghanistan. they had a mortar. the mortar malfunctioned and blew up. it had nothing to do with the sequester. he exploits this for political gain. that's just awful, is it not. >> let me say one thing. harry has a unique ability to use wrong words at the wrong time. however in his defense he
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he never ever associated the two of those together. >> bill: wait, we just heard him do that. he said the sequester and this is terrible and we don't have enough money to train our people. exactly what he said. >> the pentagon came out and defended him and said did he not link the two of of those together. >> bill: we just heard him say it. >> you heard it wrong. >> bill: i heard it wrong. >> you did. because he did not say the sequester was the reason these things happened to these marines. >> bill: he said it's because we don't have the funds to properly train the military. >> you know for somebody who is as well prepared as you usually are you are not on this one. >> bill: just stop it i'm going to it read very slowly so you get it don't interrupt because i want the folks to read it the sequester should go away. reid pointing to the sequester. we have cut already huge amounts of money in deficit reduction. it's just not appropriate. all right. mr. president, that our military can't train and do the maintenance necessary,
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tieing it directly into the sequester. these men and women, our marines, were training here in hawthorne and with this sequester is going to cut this stuff back. now, beckel, please, he is he doing -- is he exploiting, is he making the sequester the issue in the training accident. >> let me say one thing to you. he may be exploiting it but, o'reilly, here is the difference. he did not say -- you read that thing. did he not say -- he said in the future this could be a similar situation could happen. >> bill: he didn't say the future. >> he did not link the two of these together. it's semantics. let's not waste the time. his timing was bad. his timing was terrible. >> bill: when the email come in i guarantee you it's going to be 100 to 1 against you on that issue. >> what else is new? >> bill: not going to have anything to do with politics. people hear what is said. >> i understand that. >> bill: the leadership of the democratic party, harry
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reid and nancy pelosi, all right? >> a being the strongest, f being the weakest, where are they? >> c. >> both of them c? >> yeah. it depends on what the situation is when pelosi said obama never did anything for political reasons, i had to get up and defend that, which is not easy. when harry says something like, this when you might not disagree about his connection there, but none the less, the timing was terrible. those are the kind of things that indicate to me these are people who don't have a political ear on the ground of what's going on in this country. that you have to do. these are very difficult political times. >> bill: all right so you say you are saying that the democratic leadership on the hill on capitol hill, is a c. >> i would say that yeah. compared to other ones that i have worked with. >> bill: why? why isn't it more vibrant than -- because i agree with you. i would give reid a d and pelosi probably a c minus. do you know pelosi by the way in the run-up to the iraq war was for removing saddam hussein? did you know that? i read that the "wall street journal" today. >> i know.
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a lot of people were. i was not. >> bill: she was. hillary was. i thought that was pretty interesting. >> badly informed. you know, the answer, i think, is they stay in these jobs for so long. you know, it used to be majority leaders and speakers are -- minority leaders or majority leaders moved quickly either up or out o. they have been around for a long time. think about it reid has been in that job for, you know, 18 years. she has been in that job. i thought she was going to leave when they lost the majority. the problem is you get house eyes or you get senateized. that means you only know how to speak in that kind of language. >> bill: partisan language. it's true. once you start to think in partisan ways you are not looking for solutions. you are looking to prop up. >> legislative speak. >> bill: you look like the easter bunny today. the arrival of spring in beckel world? >> i'm trying to bring on spring quickly and a smile to your face. >> bill: since i won the debate about harry reid. >> you did not win the
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debate but that's okay. you are right i will be outnumbered 100 to 1. 99 will be wrong and one will be right. >> bill: directly ahead, michele bachmann says president obama's living very large in the white house. and she personally is outraged by that. then dennis miller on putin and seagull in russia. the factor continues around the u.s.a. around all
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>> bill: congresswoman michele bachmann causing controversy saying that president obama is living it up at taxpayer's expense. >> new book is out talking about the perks and excess
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of the 1.4 billion-dollar a year presidency that we are paying for. this is a lifestyle that is one of excess. now we find out there are five chefs on air force one. there are two projectionists who operate the white house movie theater. they regularly sleep at the white house in order to be readily available in case the first family wants a really, really late show. and i don't mean to be petty here. but can't they just push the play button? [ laughter ] [ applause ] we are also the ones who are paying for someone who walk the president's dog. paying for someone to walk the president's dog? >> bill: well, that analysis has angered a lot of folks. over at cnn a reporter ambushed mrs. bachmann. >> i want to ask you about is the fact that you said
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you talked about the excesses he has engaged in the fact that he has a dog walker which is not true. the big point of my speech was about benghazi. this was an absolute disaster. >> but you also made specific accusations about the president spending money that other presidents also made. >> the real issue is there are four americans that are dead. the secretary of state was not in conversation with the secretary of defense or with the chair of the joint chiefs of staff. >> i think that's an important point. >> she was not there. >> this is another. >> the president of the united states didn't care about those four americans and they were killed. that's the point. >> if you want to focus on that. >> that's what's important. if you want to talk about dog handlers and there are four americans killed? >> congresswoman, you are the one that brought it up. >> these are americans. >> you are the one that brought it it up. >> bill: obviously michele bachmann not wanting to talk about the white house
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perk thing and the benghazi thing was used and the cnn person wanting -- i'm glad i'm not in the middle of that. we wanted to ask congresswoman bachmann about the fracas but she doesn't want to talk about it it even though this program has been very fair to her, always. so we did ask her spokesman dan cotman if we could call him about questions. the congressman's analysis after we checked it out. he he said don't. don't call him. and referred us to a book called "presidential perks gone royal." apparently that's a book mrs. bachmann used about her information about the president's lifestyle. this would be much ado about nothing if not for the fact that trivial attacks on president obama are obscuring serious problems in this country. does the president live well in the white house? yes, he does. is there money wasted there? you bet there is. every other president in history has lived in comfort. it looks like president bush the younger had a bigger white house budget than barack obama does. this is a trivial pursuit.
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and michele bachmann made a mistake pursuing it. with the nation now owing close to $17 trillion, i wish the president were more like pope francis, who has a cardinal in argentina rejected of all the lavish perks. mr. obama is entitled to protection, convenience and comfort as he he runs the nation. congresswoman bachmann and all the opponents of president obama should zero in on what's really important, the president's failure to deal with out-of-control spending and his core belief that america is not a fair country. that's what's important. not who is walking the presidential dog. by the way, that's the gardner who walks the dog. and he has always walked the dogs. and how many movies the obamas watch? jimmy carter watched 300 movies. might have been why that was so out-of-control back then. it's long past time for partisans on both the right and the left to cut the nonsense and look at things clearly. we have got huge problems in america.
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the president is directly responsible for some of those problems. he is not willing to compromise. he doesn't see the big economic picture and he he is way too far left for a commander and chief. that's what we should be focusing on. recently we ran a bill o' do you think help by credit siding crazy stuff? 45% say yes. 55% say no. the majority in this case is wrong. michele bachmann is playing small ball with the president. can't back up her criticism and actually trivializes a huge problem irresponsible spending by the federal government. two words: not good. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller warming up in the bullpen. he has stuff on president obama playing satan in the bible mini series. or whatever is happening. and, stephan seagull meeting another devilish guy, putin. and then what are the countries in the world that hate america the most? we'll run them down. there is one big surprise in that group. we hope you stay tuned to
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we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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[poignant country music] ♪ ♪ remember when ♪ we vowed the vows and walked the walk ♪ ♪ and gave our hearts ♪ made a start and it was hard ♪ ♪ we lived and learned ♪ life threw curves ♪ there was joy, there was hurt ♪ ♪ remember when ♪ ♪ remember when ♪ we said when we turned gray ♪ ♪ when the children ♪ grow up and move away
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♪ we won't be sad ♪ we'll be glad ♪ for all the life we've had ♪ and we'll remember when ♪ ♪ remember when >> bill: washington beat segment tent. >> two modern stories that we want inside stuff on. the immigration debate and president obama's trip to israel. joining us now from washington our inside guys carl cameron and james rosen. rosen, tell me something i don't know about the president's visit to israel today. >> well, here's some stuff, bill, that you won't see on any of the newscasts when president obama touched down on israeli soil for the first time as
1:34 am
president. his opening remarks to the israeli president prime minister were that, quote: it's good to get away from the congress. he then introduces his deputy national security advisor for strategic communications ben rhodes and says if i say anything offensive it's because of this guy and then the president notes that ben rhodes' brother is david rhodes, the former fox news executive who is now president of cbs news to which all of which president prime minister netanyahu says this sounds like a very incestuous relationship. those are just some the background details. the important points were in the news conference that the two leaders had, president obama and prime minister netanyahu where the president said there is is not a lot of daylight between the u.s. and israel on the question of iran and its nuclear program. but then the news conference went on to demonstrate exactly where that daylight is prime minister netanyahu said that we think, israel thinks there is a certain point iran with get with nuclear program they won't have built the nuclear bomb so close immunity from any
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kind of military strike. netanyahu said twice this is our view, this is oour view. and by way of suggesting it is not the u.s. president's view. one further point, bill, if i may. president obama said as a sort of a big announcement in his opening remarks that the united states remains committed to helping israel maintain what's called the qme. qualitative military edge. what that means no matter what arms we sell to the region, we will always help israel maintain qualitative edge over its neighbors. we are committed to sex extending that beyond 2017 for some period of time. we will talk about that at the end of the news conference president netanyahu to my eye tried to force the president's hand by saying they were going to negotiate this not just beyond 2017 but netanyahu specified for a 10 year time frame. president obama hadn't put any time frame on it, bill. >> bill: president obama said in the press conference that he believes negotiations can stop iran from the nukes. i don't think netanyahu believes that at all. >> he doesn't. and he made clear he he said, in essence, i'm
1:36 am
paraphrasing that the state of israel has the right to defend itself and we would never defer in the exercise of that right, even to our greatest friend, which is the united states. in other words, -- >> bill: on that issue and that's the key issue in the region right now. now, cammeron has been looking at marco rubio and rand paul. and you consider these two guys rivals for the republican nomination in 2016. now they have staked out different territory on immigration. tell me where each guy stands on the proposed new immigration bill. it's been amazing to watch them both dance through immigration reform. the cpac conference that happened this last weekend. positioning for 2012 they are both acknowledge they are looking at it it rand paul. >> bill: 2016 you mean. >> sure. both tea party conservatives that's significant too. both of them are leading the charge on immigration reform. yesterday rand paul put out his plan there are differences. they both call them comprehensive immigration
1:37 am
reform plans. they both would not right 11 to 12 illegal immigrants here to go back to mexico or pay a fine or things like that. they would have a path to some sort of status other than illegal which a lot of critics say is amnesty. and on and on they go. so it's pretty interesting because both of them as these tea party conservatives, young republicans in the senate, they are now pushing for passage of the very reforms that the republican house and senate have been killing ever since george w. bush proposed them back in 2000. >> bill: is there any difference between their two visions though? >> a little. yeah, there is. >> bill: tell me what that is. >> rand paul is speaking on a slightly more conservative approach to border security while both of them say that the border has to be secured before other reforms happen. the rubio plan essentially says it has to be certified by customs and border patrol whereas rand paul says yeah, that's fine. it's got to come back to congress for us to vote on it every year and prove that it is, in fact, secure before his plan even begins to start. so, a little bit more aggressive on that and conversely, rand paul taking a more libertarian
1:38 am
position to the issue of everify. the program that's already in place about 15 states around the country delay prevents employers from hiring illegals because there is a data system that they can trangeght the rubio plan, the bipartisan gang of 8's plan would make that a nationalized program. rand paul says no, it shouldn't happen. he says businesses shouldn't be immigration cops in his use. big differences. it says a lot that these tea partiers are pushing the charge on immigration. >> bill: thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back, it will be miller time. wild one this evening. the obama satan bible controversy and putin meets stephan seagull. i hope he doesn't kick him. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's get to the sage of southern california, joins us now from santa barbara.
1:41 am
miller, i understand you were outraged when i told the audience that i gave up my radio commentary because it wasn't worth it anymore between the taxes and the agent commissions and all of that. am i correct? >> no. incorrect. by the way, rand paul's chest hair is so thick it looks like a black turtle neck. anyway. [ laughter ] >> i lived at the president for making a new normal, bill. as i heard you say that, we're have come to some weird place like america 180 where we have fallen through the looking glass that due to high taxation a guy it doesn't make sense for me to work and there are four people involved in that and they are going to have to find. you know, it really struck me last month the new normal when they said the unemployment rate had gone from 7.8 to 7.7 and the reason is the host organism smaller because 300,000 more people quit looking. listen, i'm not trying to be agenda driven here. i'm saying can we actually
1:42 am
pronounce our problems that the reason it's going down is because less people are even trying. the new normal is really driving me crazy. >> bill: it's my job to be honest with the audience. that's exactly why i gave up the radio talking points. i looked at the sheet. and i'm going to have to pay this much money in federal and state tax to do this. and then swiftie, my agent, takes that much money. and you have got like 3 or 4 swifties working for you, so you know ha that is and then it comes down to a time maintenance. i have got to spend time writing and delivering these radio things. i did two a day. it's not worth it i didn't want to give them up and the people that work for me in that capacity we're going to find other work for them. you know what? that just epitomizes what is happening in our economy. a lot of people like me. look, i'm not going to do it anymore. you are going to come in for half or whatever, it's not worth my time. >> how is that good for our economy. >> bill: it's not. it's horrible for our country. >> i don't get how the liberal intelligence i
1:43 am
can't isn't jumping off this guy's bandwagon they hang on like 14-year-olds with justin bieber. it's over. time to get off. >> bill: they're not going to do that it's just like ideology, you said it at the beginning of this interview. you are not coming at it from an ideological point of view. it's common sense. they don't want common sense. >> i feel like i'm being cat fished. i feel like obama's man tie at mid-atlantic at-man tie at a owe's new girlfriend.
1:44 am
looks like something they smuggle drugs out of costa rica. the only reason is he there because is he has bigger boobs than putin does. sending him there and rodman to north korea. make honey boo boo the ambassador to tehran and complete. fitness. this guy is coming over to fitness. he has been in a moo moo for 15 years. why don't you have him over there and teach acting while you are at it. >> bill: can we cece gull again? is he not exactly jillian michael's out there. do you know what i'm talking about? >> he looks like he has ncritis. he looks like he swallowed an old cash register. >> maybe that's the look they want in moscow, the kind of hefty, in shape look. maybe they want that look. we are kind of on nor rex sick an rex sick over here. >> they will be spending a $.2 million why he turned
1:45 am
into an old fat lesbian. >> bill: have you been watching this mini series the bible? >> i love the history channel so i have watched it plus i like mark roma. they are nice people. >> bill: the president cameo the devil in here. some people are saying. and you say. >> the press has been looking like jesus christ for four years. maybe it's time they just flip it out for a little while. listen, i look at obama, i don't see satan, i see an nf civil servant. to me i look at him and he is barney fyffe and andy of mayberry. i don't have any satanic thing with him. i have no agenda. i don't hate the guy. he is kind of bad at this job. that's all i'm saying. i look at him and, you know, i want to give him one bullet for his shirt pocket like andy did with barney. >> bill: we got thousands of letters about this segment we did last night. thousands of letters. and because there is no doubt that the moroccan actor who plays satan was
1:46 am
made up in a way where he resembles barack obama. but roma downie, the producer and her husband mark burnett. >> i don't think they went out of the way like that. maybe they put him on this show because frankly he couldn't make other show celebrity atis. >> do you think it may be subliminal. both mark and i have nothing but respect and love for our president. this is roma downie. they deny that they tried to make him look like satan. but he does and the guy who plays it doesn't look anything like satan but they had to make him up that way. maybe it's a did i demented makeup person. >> some the bolder fresh shows you are made up. >> i don't want to say barack obama's approval ratings are in trouble. but satan issued a statement today saying don't get me involved in this. >> bill: there he is you know that would have been a
1:47 am
better satan. that frightens me more than the other one. >> i don't know who that is. that looks like guido on a glue ten-free diet. >> bill: one footnote. we have a very special best of miller tomorrow on the factor. >> also, like everybody in portland, oregon and smoke can, washington listen up. the bolder fresher tour coming to town friday july 19th at the snitser concert hall in portland. saturday july 20th at the inb performing arts center in spokes spokane. everybody get on it bill o' which countries hate america the most? one surprising nation in that bunch. we'll be right back with it. michael, tell us why you used to book this fabulous hotel? well you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it, and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we begin with a very controversial situation. the obama administration releasing illegal aliens from prison who have been convicted of crimes in this country. >> did you release any resittist drunk drivers? >> yes. >> how many? >> i don't have the exact number, but we have released many individuals who had dui offenses. >> repeat offender dui. >> repeat offender dui. congress has not provided that dui is a ground of removal. in fact most misdemeanors is not a ground of removal. it's the agency by agency policy that factors that in. i can't order you removed for having committed a dui offense. >> no, you can't, director but you certainly can request a rescheduling so you can move money around. this notion that you don't want to rob peter to pay paul, you could have easily
1:52 am
done that you could have found $600 to keep these level one violators from being released and don't act like you could not have. here now uma. number of drunk drivers who have killed americans. very troubling. what was this hearing. >> house judiciary committee hearing looking at the fallout from the release of those 2,000 plus detainees who were released because of sequestration concerns. budget cuts. >> bill: investigative judicial committee trying to find out who they released and why? >> right. >> bill: the headline is the most dangerous of them are the resit vista drunk drivers who they are now back on the street not deported. as the ice director said it's not deportation offense. obviously it puts us all in danger, doesn't it. >> absolutely. not only these guys, level one offenders as well. level one are aggravated
1:53 am
felons. they released, according to ice, 8. >> 8? >> so 8 felons that they deemed not dangerous, they would have to deem. but they committed. >> four are already taken back because there was a couple of computer errors about releasing the wrong people. one of the guys committed another crime they took him back. >> bill: i don't believe this by a second. i don't believe the easter egg hunt should be cancelled or othe white house tour should be cancelled or these guys let out i think it's a bunch of bs. you are of indian descent, right? >> yes. >> bill: have you been to india many times? >> many times. >> bill: there was a recent survey that says this have from a meridian international in a gallup poll, which countries hate americans the most? put them up. there they are. pakistan hates us the most. palestinian territories algeria, lebanon, egypt, iran, iraq, yemen. here is the surprise. greece. what is going on? and serbia. now, most of those countries obviously muslim
1:54 am
that we're infidels as i said at the top of the program. what is the greece thing? >> greece has a problem with the united states for a variety of reasons. some of this goes all the way back to the late 1960's when the united states supported papa draos becoming the dictator. there were concerns that he was cia trained. he was an intelligence officer. that the cia was running the country. >> bill: i think it's more economic the jealous of us. a lot of communists over there. >> they do. it goes back. i have been reading a blot of the blotion fear. young people talking about hatred for the united states. some of it goes back to the economic. a lot of it goes back to the history of this attitude that they feel the united states is dominating and big foot the other countries. small countries like greece. >> bill: i hope the greeks don't hate us. i have eaten at the diners all greeks. >> mainly directed at the he government as opposed to the people of the u.s. >> bill: real quick. pakistan hates us the most. india is next. they say they don't hate
1:55 am
us. why does pakistan hate us and india doesn't hate us. >> a lot of it is is the bleives the relationship between india and pakistan. the fact that united states has backed india more than pakistan. resentment there. >> we give more money to pakistan. >> we give more money and they still hate us. >> bill: i think it's a muslim thing. >> it has a lot to do with that. >> bill: hindus don't hate us, right? >>. no general -- >> bill: to muslims we are all infidels. uma. eating in restaurants. how to save money. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:56 am
>> factor tip of the day about eating in restaurants in a moment, but first the mail. michael from salem, oregon. rial, watching talking points, i have a question, what's wrong with cutting military spending to the 2006 level? on that i have to defer to leon panetta who says the
1:57 am
nation will be much weaker. do you want it much weaker? ron does. and california, the fed are stealing our money by printing too many dollars. every day our buying power drops and we're seeing that directly in gas prices, excellent point. tim kelly, i believe that they're trying to destroy capitalism. canada, there are black characters in the bible mini series, samson for one. reverend paul gleeson, colorado i realize it there's a resemblance between the president and the devil in the series, i don't think it was done intentionally. if you were writing a book called "killing jesus", shu you had have corrected lamont hill. >> all in time. >> and the worst kind of political hack, what exactly
1:58 am
did you fall off the turnip truck. we deal with facts here, right now the prostitution allegations is and there is he' a presumption of innocence, even if you don't like it. >> bill, last night i started kennedy at 8 p.m. and finished this morning at 4 a.m., awesome book. well, i hope you had a nifty factor mug to put your coffee in. if you buy any of the books on ri o', you get a free mug. and i'm spending my spring break from defiance college working with compassion international down here, way to go, robert, what a nice thing to do. and mary, birmingham, alabama, bill, you and charles missed a big point tonight. many americans under the the age 35 are now watching the news on the net. we are well aware of that, mary. but let the buyer beware.
1:59 am
if you just watch clips on the net, you often miss the context of what is actually being said. it's best to watch the factor in its entirety so you know what's going on. to really distort the news by clips, and they do it all the time on the internet. i see it every day. all right. finally tonight the factor tip of the day, because i cannot cook, today i screwed up toast, i swear to god i screwed tuit up. i couldn't get the toast out of the toaster. because i can't do anything in the kitchen, i eat in restaurants and have my entire working life. listen up, you can keep the cost of a he meal in a restaurant under control by the following guidelines. and drink water. any beverage you order out will cost way too much. don't let them give you the bottled water, don't let them give it to you. no dessert, another overpriced deal. you have dessert at home. do not. if the pot


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